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The Torshen Law Group, LLC is known for successfully navigating clients through contested custody matters and complex financial issues during the divorce process. We believe our job is to counsel clients in a straight-forward manner, develop creative solutions, litigate effectively if needed and deliver comprehensive, long-lasting resolutions.

When there are children involved, your relationship with a former spouse exists long after the divorce process concludes.  Torshen Law Group respects each family’s dynamic and aims to maintain the integrity of your family with a minimal amount of disruption, even after dissolution. We also offer a unique combination of child representation and parenting coordination services that strongly compliment our traditional legal counsel and mediation offerings.

After winning numerous accolades as a successful family law practitioner and certified mediator at several of Chicago’s top matrimonial law firms, Jacki Torshen launched our firm in an effort to give children a voice in the divorce process, not only their parents. As a divorced mother of two, she personally understands the importance of family-focused resolutions and crafting innovative, comprehensive settlement agreements.

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Points of Difference

  • Founder, Jacki Torshen, has successful litigated, mediated and negotiated hundreds of dissolution of marriage cases involving complex financial issues and contested custody.
  • When kids are involved, Torshen Law Group is uniquely focused on the children of divorce. We seek to make this emotionally-charged, challenging process easier and more manageable by giving children a voice, when age appropriate, through child representation and parenting coordination services.
  • Jacki, a divorced mother herself, brings a personal perspective and understanding to the divorce process. She is a dedicated, invaluable advocate for you and your family throughout the dissolution of a marriage and beyond.
  • Committed to cutting-edge practices, Jacki is certified by the Professional Academy of Custody Experts as a parenting coordinator.
  • Torshen Law Group provides mediation services for individuals seeking to avoid protracted and expensive litigation and attempts to obtain a more amicable, cost-effective resolution.